County Maintenance Crew Make 405 Road Passable


Mother Nature has blanketed Tonto Village with about 10 inches of snow, as of Monday afternoon.

There has been a bountiful amount of precipitation in the past few weeks, which is a blessing for our towering ponderosa pines.


The best way to get around in Tonto Village during the snowstorm was on a quad. Bill Snyder said that the snow was coming down too fast to keep his eyeglasses clear enough to see.


Libby, the fat and sassy beagle owned by the Snyder family, enjoyed the snow and did not seem to mind how cold it was. She buried her nose while she sniffed out new smells.

There have been so many lost to crippling, dry conditions and forest fires in the past few years.

Maybe this moisture will alleviate the forest fires somewhat this summer.

School closed for a snow day in Payson and at the Shelby School here in the village, which made the kids very happy they could play in the snow all day!

Even my beagle had a great time romping around. She doesn't seem to mind the cold.

Bear Flat

The road leading into Bear Flat, known as the 405 road, was in very bad shape from the heavy amount of rain that fell about a week ago.

The Gila County maintenance crew came to the rescue for the residents and graded the washed-out road.

Phon Sutton would personally like to thank all the crew that helped make the road passable again: A big thank you for doing such a great job.

Qwest rate increase proposal

A notice was sent to all Qwest customers telling them that the company has applied for a rate increase to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

There have been letters sent to the Commission regarding the increase with the objection that the residents in the outlying areas cannot receive a high-speed internet or DSL service because of outdated telephone lines.

Why should these areas pay for something that we cannot receive?

If you feel that this increase in rates is not justified, you should contact the Arizona Corporation Commission by letter. The address is: Arizona Corporation Commission, 1200 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007. You can be put on a reservation list for the high-speed Internet by calling 1-800-475-7526.


I missed a birthday greeting for Suzie Shill of Tonto Village III. Her big day was on January 24. Sorry Suzie, we all hope that you had a great day.

A former resident of Tonto Village II, Lorraine ‘Bo' Mathews celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas on Feb. 5. Bill (Willie) Houdek will light another candle on his birthday cake on Feb. 6. Kara Shaw of Tonto Village III lights another candle on her big day on Feb. 11.

Happy birthday to all of you. Just remember, there are exactly 86,400 seconds in your birthday. Enjoy every one of them.

Nine-ball players

Tuesday evening, Jan. 29, at the Double D Restaurant and Saloon, the gals from Christopher Creek and Tonto Village played in the nine-ball tournament.

Nanci Olson shot for first place and Margaret Stasney and Kara Shaw placed second and third places.

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