Mayor Disagrees With Council Comments


When I ran for Mayor, I committed to the citizens of Payson I would work hard to make this town better and I have done that. I make no apologies.

I do disagree with some of the statements made in the article in the February 5th edition of the Roundup and would like set the record straight.

The Mayor has the right and power to appoint or remove any board or committee member with the approval of Council per Town code. I have never recommended the removal of a board or committee member.

Gordon Metcalf served a term that expired in January 2007. Instead of reappointing him, I recommended Jim Hipple to serve on the STAC committee. This appointment was approved by unanimous Council vote at the January 10th Council meeting. I recently received a resignation letter from Ernie Schmidt, who has served on STAC since 2005. It is because of this new vacancy that I am recommending Joanie King for appointment. She has previously served on the Finance Task Force. She has shown the ability to analyze complex subjects and is a dedicated volunteer and I thought she would be a good addition to the STAC committee. Both Gordon Metcalf and Ernie Schmidt live in neighborhoods along Phoenix Street and would no longer be serving on the committee. Having at least one representative from the neighborhoods being affected by the Mud Springs extension would be beneficial, as STAC deals with this issue over the coming months. In addition to being well-qualified for the committee, Joanie King lives along Phoenix Street.

Each time there is a committee or board appointment, I attempt to select a citizen who has shown interest in improving Payson, can take a businesslike approach to making decisions and has the time needed to serve the position. I have followed the process for 20 months without complaint from council members, the media or the public. Now, for reasons that are not being explained, this long-standing practice is being questioned over a highly politicized issue (Mud Springs extension) during the middle of an election campaign. I will continue to follow the practice that has worked well for this town for many, many years.

Bob Edwards,
Mayor of Payson

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