Snow Much Fun In Christopher Creek


It started to snow Sunday morning and it continued through Super Bowl Sunday and well into Monday evening here in Christopher Creek.

We watched the Super Bowl from the comfort of our home, but had to go out and wipe off the satellite dish every once in a while. It was worth it. What a game! You have to give New York a big applause for putting on one of the most fun games to watch in a long time.


My daughter Frankie Jo and I spent Monday and Tuesday sled riding.

Monday and Tuesday were snow days for Christopher Creek kids. They were days to sled ride and make snowmen and we did both.

My daughter Frankie and I headed out back by the cabins and found a really nice hill to sled ride on.

I am 56 years old and I still have it. I went down that hill ninety-miles-an-hour, what a thrill! I wasn't sure where I was going to land or what I was going to hit! Luckily I didn't hit anything and I survived. Yea! For snow days.

Snowmen were popping up everywhere in the Rim area -- the home of the snowman!

There is not much happening in this area, and maybe its because not much is moving around except for the wildlife.

I have two birdfeeders back by the cabins and I must have had over 50 birds and one chipmunk we call "Chipper" just trying to eat as much as they can.

Margarette Clark and Carl of Hunter Creek said they had over 40 turkeys in their yard Sunday. The animals get nervous when we get a lot of snow.

Rod and Lorna Aschbrennar had a ton of birds, squirrels and even one lone javalina eating from their bird feeders.

It is strange, but I haven't seen an elk in a long time; I think they moved down to warmer weather. I am about ready to join them. I could use some warm weather.

The Ladies Annual Pajama Party is Wednesday, Feb. 20 at Karen Thornton's home Columbine Road. It starts around 6 p.m.

Ladies, if you have not been to one of these, make it a point to come this year and meet your neighbors.

Just bring along a potluck dish and of course, wear your favorite PJ's and funny slippers. After the ladies eat and take pictures, they all head out to Creekside for a drink and some funny looks from people eating that have no idea why these ladies are dressed in PJ's and slippers. It is so much fun. I am not sure of anybody else doing this and getting away with it without being arrested.

In all the years they have been doing it, no one wears anything risque, so you don't have to worry, its just a lot of fun.

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