Water Flowing Into Roosevelt Lake Is Making Anglers Happy


What do fishermen in Arizona do during the dead of winter?We talk about the spring fishing which is not far away and the amount of potential runoff fromwinter storms.

Knowing that most of the rain and snow from the Rim area and the White Mountains drains into the Salt River chain of lakes with Roosevelt being the biggest reservoir, anglers attentively watch water flow.
The long-range projection which was made in late August was for a La NiƱa winter that is drier than normal with above average median temperatures.Well, so goes the experts predictions, as the next in a series of winter storms dumps much needed rain and snow ondrought stricken central Arizona.


The runoff from recent snows and rains has caused some havoc in Tonto Basin but also pushed the Roosevelt Lake water levels to new highs.

Roosevelt Lake is currently at 77 percent of the new lake level as Tonto Creek and the Salt River continue to bring much needed water to the largest of the Salt River chain of lakes.

This is good news for the massive metropolitan Phoenix area and brings a smile to the bass and crappie enthusiasts of Arizona.Roosevelt Lake is the most popular fishing lake in Arizona because of its healthy fishing environment and its massive size in acre-feet of water.

In anglers' language, the lake fishes big, which means there are an abundance of coves, points, and humps which will hold fish.With the additional rain and snowpack, fishermen will now be able to fish hundreds of acres of new water in the jungle of brush on the Tonto and Salt River ends of the lake.

This new high-water mark will aid in the spring spawn which will make the Roosevelt fishery a quality warm-water lake for years to come.The fry or baby fish need protective cover from larger predatory fish in the late spring and the submerged brush will provide that safe haven.With a good spawn this spring, coupled with an already healthy bass and crappie population, Roosevelt Lake will become evenore of a destination for fishermen.

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