Enforcing Speed Limits



I have been a sign tech for ADOT from 1993 on the state highway up here.

Everyone is making this so hard. The first thing, on town streets the speed limits are 25 mph, unless the town wants to change them.

So anywhere in town is 25, most all school zones are 15 mph and there are flashing lights that tell you to go to that speed and it is enforceable.

All you need for this road off Highway 87 on to Phoenix Street to Mud Springs Road to Highway 260.

The first sign would be (local traffic only). Put them on north Highway 87 then on Phoenix, then (no vehicles over 26,000 pounds), this will keep all big trucks off the road unless they are delivering goods back in there. Then the next sign would be (No Vehicle over 40 feet) unless they are delivering goods.

Now you put this on the 260 side and you have got it covered.

Then all you have to do is enforce the law and do it right, Remember the speeds are 25 mph and lower.

I'm listing to the council meeting now Feb 7. Can't believe what most of the people are saying about this. What a joke. All it is not in my backyard and not through my high-dollar neighborhood.

Roundabouts are a joke. You need to have to work in one and you will know what I mean. They are never big enough for big trucks or long loads--not semi-friendly.

This is my opinion as a homeowner, not ADOT.

Steve Haught

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