Payson Needs Better Planning



As I said at the Town Council meeting last Thursday, let planning and good judgment prevail.

Approving the design for a roundabout mayave put the horse before the cart.Roundabouts are great, but they don't work in all situations. As our STAC Chairman Tom Loeffler said at the council meeting a roundabout may not be the best solution.

If we are going to stopestbound traffic on Highway 260 from using Mud Springs Road to Phoenix Street as a bypass, the accepted design may need a no left turn westbound on 260. I don't believe that you can do this from a roundabout.

In heavy traffic with a back up on Highway 260 extending from the roundabout, we could have a car log jam. Roundabouts don't work in all cases and we would have a real traffic mess to live with.

I don't care if this has been studied for one year or 50 years, the study has not been comprehensive and has not addressed several issues.

These issues should have been addressed by the STAC committee with citizen input.However it appears that politics and special interest influence has clouded the common sense f several Town Council members, particularly Mike Vogel.

As I stated at the council meeting, the Council vote last time was the right decision. Thatote sent the Mud Springs roundabout extension to STACor traffic planning with input from the Town Engineering Staff.

Planning is still neededo address the residential bypass issue. Plannings needed to address the existing speed issue. Plannings needed to address the children's safety issue.lannings needed to address the proposed 260 roundabout design issue.
What's driving this issue?hy is it being rushed?

Would it surprise you -- that two pieces of property between Mud Springs Road and Highway 260 are owned -- by the largest commercial developer in this area?

Would it surprise you -- that during the last council election -- this developer gave the maximum dollar contribution allowed by law to Mike Vogel.

In my opinion, we have council members who are not considering the best interests of the citizens of Payson. This was certainly evidenced by the gang of four last Thursday.

Gary Bedsworth

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