Pine Has Water, The Sky Is Not Falling



Please afford me the opportunity to respond to Joan Smith's recent letter, as well as others that have claimed Rim Country Water is all about "special interests" and disputing the actual facts of what our organization and efforts are trying to accomplish.

I am not a developer, nor a Realtor, and the only special interest I have is trying to ensure that the direction our community's focus is both reasonable and economical.As a member of RCW, and a resident of Pine, my personal‘special interest' is that I can grow my vegetables, keep my trees green, and put a stop to the practices of water hauling charges by our current water company.

Pine has water. This water supply has been estimated to provide over 100 years of water to the respective communities of Pine-Strawberry. The well owners are currently in litigation with Brooke Utilities, because Brooke Utilities will not reasonably negotiate use of their wells to provide water to our communities. BUI would rather illegally claim our tax dollars to support their private efforts.

Yes, we are in process of recalling four PSWID board members that, in our opinion, have little, if no respect for our communities. These four members being recalled are the ones with ‘special interests' and no regard for how they allocate our tax dollars.

One of them is already beginning his new development project -- substantiating my theory that "Those who accuse should be accused." The PSWID apparently has no regard to the ACC either, as they have put our money into this absurd escrow account without waiting on a ruling from the ACC.

I agree with Ms. Smith that the ‘bickering' needs to stop. Those of us that have taken a clearly defined stand demanding a change have been wrongly labeled. We are blamed and associated with everything from being a "special interest group with obviously transparent development goals" to being responsible for nailing Pine on "Stage 5" for weeks because we were allegedly holding up their scheme using our tax dollars. We only want what is right for our communities.

To add insult to injury, the signage, that we paid for from our voluntary funds, has all disappeared. Yes, all the signs that were placed on our respective properties promoting candidates for the new PSWID have been -- dare I say -- stolen. To me, there is no question as to why -- the opposition is in favor of a company that literally has taken money from us via outrageous water hauling fees, while pumping water from Pine to Strawberry via the Magnolia Pipeline. (Yes, this is documented in sworn testimony from the ACC hearings.)

Once and for all, I want to get across that we have water now. Once and for all, the good citizens of Pine-Strawberry that are honest and have integrity do not wish to continue to support a company that does not have our local interest in mind. Mr. Hardcastle is no better than Ken Lay (of Enron infamy), in my opinion, and I am discovering the inconsistencies of BUI to be monumental -- from the ‘repair water lines as needed' to charging astronomical rates for our natural resources.

Yes, the attempt a few years ago to kick BUI out of our communities failed. The complexion of Pine has dramatically altered since, with the discovery ofnew producing wells. So much for BUI telling us "there is no water in Pine-Strawberry." The sky isn't falling.

Concluding, I would just like to ask the people responsible for stealing our signs, please return them.This action only supports that they are a reflection of what RCW is screaming about: We're tired of being ripped off!

Jane Wilcox

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