Pine Residents Urged To Find Out About Candidates



This past Saturday, I attended a Meet the Candidates community barbecue put on by Citizens of Pine-Strawberry.I didn't go for the food.I went to ask the candidates some pointed questions.

I approached Michael Greer, Richard Dickinson, Ron Calderon and Terry Scheizer, posing two basic questions:With the mess that PSWID is in, why are you doing this? And what is your vision to solve the water supply and infrastructure problems in Pine-Strawberry?

Uniformly, I was impressed with the amount of time, energy and money (for attendingCC hearings in the Valley takes money, especially if youake time away from work to do it)ach of these individuals had taken in formulating their perspectives.

I particularly was impressed with Ron Calderon's explanation of why he had originally supported the-2 well, changedis opinion now, and what it would take for him to support the K-2 well again.

These individuals are each personally passionate about finding a long-term solution for this community.No personal gain or political agendas were apparent.

When I spoke at the gym when the ACC came to town, I noted how divisive this issues becoming, even in our women'siking group.What most people think, depends on the last five people to whomhey have spoken.

People hold strongly held opinions, at times without substantiating many facts directly for themselves.

I will not bore you with my analysis of this all -- for each of us must look at the data and make a decision based on our own conscience andssessment.
I encourage everyone to read the flier that will be mailed by Citizens of Pine-Strawberry in the near future.

Each of these candidates has provided a phone number and email address. Take the time to call them and ask questions.Also, attend the PSWID meetings and ask questions there.

Approach this recall election on March 11,s if the future and viability of our communityepends on the outcome -- for I believe it does.

Ballots will be available at the Isabelle Hunt/Pine Library, if you do not receive one by mail.

After attending the forum on Saturday, it is my understanding that all registered voters are eligible to vote in the recall, not just property owners (the mailing I received from Gila County was confusing, as it asked for an affidavit that you were a property owner, to get a ballot).

Chris Tetzloff

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