Rim Generosity Far-Reaching


The generosity of the residents of the Rim Country never ceases to amaze.

Since January 2005, they have made it possible for the Payson Supply Line to send 600 boxes with the comforts of home to military men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Residents contributed enough clothes, food and household items to fill two trucks to send to the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Now, they have stepped up again, sending another truck of goods to the victims of the Feb. 7 tornadoes in Tennessee. Rural areas north of Nashville were the hardest hit. Three tornadoes swept through Macon County. At least 31 people were killed.

The call went out for donations to the congregations of the Mountain Bible and Nazarene churches and then to the wider community via the radio.

As a result, Butch Klein, who founded the Payson Supply Line with Lud Kaftan, was able to take a filled U-Haul truck to Tennessee on Sunday.

Rim residents never fail to step up to help their neighbors either. Contributions of funds from the community built the foundation of the Payson Regional Medical Center, starting nearly 50 years ago. Citizens of the Rim Country have built every library in Payson and Pine through the gift of books and funds.

Most recently, the men and women of this community have made it possible to return much needed kidney dialysis services to the area by helping the Mogollon Health Alliance bring DaVita here.

All of these generous men and women need to be commended, congratulated and thanked for their efforts over the years.

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