All Three Gila County Supervisor Districts Face Election This Fall

County sheriff, attorney, assessor, recorder, treasurer, school superintendent to also face voters


The votes in town elections are not the only ones Rim Country residents will be asked to cast this year.

There are the state elections and the presidential election of course, but county elections are also coming soon.

All three members of the Gila County Board of Supervisors are up for re-election this year, as are the county's sheriff, attorney, assessor, recorder, treasurer and superintendent of schools. Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill's seat is up for election.

County Elections Director Dixie Mundy said candidates have filed registration documents for committees for Supervisor Districts 2 and 3. Jose Sanchez currently serves District 2 and Shirley Dawson is the supervisor for District 3, neither has filed their committee papers. Michael Pastor and Danny Michels have both registered campaign committees to run for the District 2 seat. David L. Cook and Ted Thayer had filed committee registration papers to run for the District 3 seat.

"No one has filed for District 1 yet," Mundy said.

Nomination petitions may be filed between May 5 and June 4 for the Sept. 2 primary election.

The estimated numbers of signatures needed on the petitions are as follows:

District 1, Democrats, 83-411; Republicans, 158-790;

District 2, Democrats, 104-516; Republicans, 43-213;

District 3, Democrats, 121-604; Republicans, 50-248;

Countywide races, Democrats, 306-1,530; Republicans, 250-1,250

Mundy said the numbers are only estimates at this point because the official determination on the required quantity of signatures will not take place until after March 1. She said she believes there will not be that much difference in the numbers.

"We also have a ‘nomination other than by primary' process for Independents who may wish to run in the general election (Nov. 4)," Mundy said.

For District 1 Supervisor, no less than 109 signatures must be submitted; for District 2 Supervisor, no less than 48 signatures must be submitted; and for District 3, no less than 62 signatures are required. Mundy said for countywide offices, no less than 218 signatures must be submitted.

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