Macky's Is A Bright Spot



With so much in the papers about the economy of Payson, its chamber of commerce and ability of local businesses to succeed, a bright spot still shines with the new Macky's at Sawmill plaza.

Greg and Cari Day, along with family and their staff, will be serving not only hungry patrons, but providing jobs to young people in a healthy and fun environment. Their efforts are apparent with the quality of workmanship seen in the woodwork, stone and tile along with great food and staff that really seem happy at their jobs.

With everything going on with the new opening, Cari commented to us how great their staff has been all pitching in to help with the move. It's a refreshing attitude that resonates throughout the restaurant.

If hard work is what it takes to succeed, I believe the Days will do so. Good luck Greg, Cari and kids.

John and Tawnya Allaire

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