Supporting Your Arizona Academic Scholars


As graduation approaches, Payson High School prospective graduates are bombarded with finishing their studies, applying for scholarships and preparing for college or the workplace.

It is important for the community to encourage prospective graduates to remain focused so that they can enjoy the benefits that come with finishing their high school days on a positive note, school officials said.

The following list of students are starting out the spring semester as Arizona Academic Scholars.

These students have completed four years of English; three years of math through Algebra II; have taken the three lab sciences of biology, physics and chemistry, completed two years of a language other than English, and three years of social studies including economics with a grade of "C" or better, as well as completing all other graduation requirements.

As of the beginning of this semester, the following students are on course to being recognized as an Arizona Academic Scholar and having this certification placed on their diplomas: Andrus, Scott G.; Armenta, Hannah M.; Barland, Alec E.; Bartoli, Lisa N.; Bregar, Kelsey; Cluff, Isaac C.; Cluff, Iuliana M.; Conlin, Joseph P.; Crank, Baylie A.; Curtis, Shauna; D'Arcangelo, Chelsea A.; Davis, Breanne; Flake, Jami; Hallman, Sage M.; Haught, Adam M.; Hayes, Jennifer R.; Herford, Joshua E.; Hudon, Jessica; Johnson, Candice J.; Kabalan, Caesar F.; Laird, Aubrey R.; Leafty, Brittney E.; Lee, Mollee M.; Lewinson, Oliver J.; Linkey, Esther E.; McCarty, Mark J.; McDaniel, Brittney B.; Morris, Courtney N.; Neal, Levi D.; Nielsen, Marleann N.; Paul, Jacob M.; Runzo, Jordynn E.; Seville, Monica; Sleeper, Mercedes L.; Stackhouse, Panda C.; Standifird, Breanne C.; Wolf, Alan G.

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