Watch Your Pets, As Javelina Run Wild In Christopher Creek


Can you believe we still have snow on the ground?

The temperatures are beautiful, and the snow is melting quick. Another storm is on the way and we are not sure if it is going to be snow or rain.

One thing about the snow is, the wildlife has been hanging around the neighborhood looking for food. This is the first time in about seven years that I have had javelina on my property. They are coming around getting the birdseed dropped from the feeders.

They also have had their babies, which make them extremely dangerous. Javelinas do not see very well but smell very good. The best thing you can do if you see them is just ignoring them. If they feel threatened, they will attack and they have very big teeth and can kill a dog.

Those of you with pets keep an eye on and do not let them run free. These pigs are everywhere this year.

Hunter Creek has numerous groups of them that come around during the day looking for food. The other day I was walking down near Rod and Lorna Aschbrennar's home, and one large javelina, was eating among the squirrels and birds and the other one was taking a nap under their deck.

Maybe now that the weather is clearing they will head back into the forest.

The forest is extremely wet. Those of you coming up this way and wanted to bring your quads you might want to wait. You cannot even walk out there without sinking in. We are happy for all the moisture because it slows us down for wildfires.

PJs to the ready

The ladies Annual Pajama Party is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 20 at Karen Thornton's home on Columbine Road. It starts around 6 p.m.

Ladies if you have not been to one of these, make it a point to come this year and meet your neighbors. Just bring along a potluck dish and of course, wear your favorite PJs and funny slippers.

After the ladies eat and take pictures, they all head out to Creekside for a drink and some funny looks from the people eating that have no idea why these ladies are dressed in their PJs and slippers. It is a lot of fun.

I am not sure of anyone else doing this and getting away with it without being arrested. It is really a lot of fun. So, get out your favorite PJs and join the ladies for a good time.

Betty Lusson will be celebrating her birthday on Feb. 17. She is such a sweet lady. Dave Lloyd of Hunter Creek will be adding a candle to his cake on Feb. 19, and Dale Hansen will be celebrating on the 24. Wishing all of you a very happy birthday.

Diane Lloyd had knee surgery recently and we want to wish her a speedy and healthy recovery. Hope to see you out jogging soon.

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