Longhorn Cards Will Benefit Payson High Sports Program


For the past several years "Longhorn Cards" have served a twofold purpose --they've helped support Payson High School track and baseball teams and at the same time, have allowed sports fans to receive discounts when purchasing local goods and services.

"This year they are even better than before," Friends And Neighbors (FAN) club officer Kristy Ford said.


A representative of Southwest Sports Marketing explains to baseball and track team members how the Longhorn cards work.

"They have about twice as many (discounts)."

Ford, a former school board member, is among the FAN club members who are helping spearhead this year's drive to sell the cards.

Last week, members of the track and baseball teams, received the discount cards and have begun selling them for $15 each.

Owners of the cards may present them at a variety of local businesses to receive discounts on their purchases.

For example, one local restaurant offers a two-for-one sale in which cardholders receive two sandwiches for the price of one.

Some also offer 10 percent off and there are other discounts for audiovisual purchases and automobile maintenance services.

The profits from the sale of the cards directly benefit both the baseball and track team. Those extra funds allow coaches to purchase chase items not available in the strapped tight school athletic budget.


During a baseball and track team meeting Feb. 14 in the old Payson High School gym, assistant baseball coach David Daniels (rear) and members of Southwest Sports Marketing distributed Longhorn cards.

"That money is important for those teams," Ford said.

Almost every PHS extracurricular team or activity hosts at least one fund-raiser each year to help generate the finances needed to conduct a quality program.

Although the Lady Longhorn softball team will not participate in the discount card program, coach Will Dunman has other plans for fund-raising.

"We'll have our annual spring barbecue dinner and possibly some other things, like a home run derby," he said.

In past years, the deep-pit barbecue dinners has earned in excess of $3,000 for the softball team. This year's dinner will be held April 18 during a Payson vs. Blue Ridge softball game.

Among the other benefits held each year is the Jack Morris Memorial Golf Tournament. Profits from it benefit the football program and fund a scholarship in Morris' name.

Discount cards are currently available from any member of the baseball or track teams or by calling Ford at (928) 595-2971.

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