Mayor Edwards And Property Taxes



Capital projects for the Town of Payson have continually been discussed and/or proposed by members of previous and the current town council. Projects include Blue Ridge water, county facilities in Payson, the Event Center, hotel construction, YMCA facility, community center, and library expansion, etc.

The source of town funds, as needed to finance these type of projects usually will end up coming from one place, your property tax bill.

Town or county bonds must be issued to pay for the project and then are paid for with your property taxes.

Payson is a small town of only 16,000 people, with little to no industry to help pay for this expense. The mix of residents include 50-60 percent of age over 55 and mostly retired. The property tax base of retirees is probably over these percentages. So who will be paying for the bulk of the cost of future bonds? Retirees!

Commercial properties will have to raise their rents even more to pay for property tax increases resulting in more vacant storefronts in Payson. Believe it or not, not all retirees are rich!

To the contrary, if property taxes and the cost of living increases are disproportionate with communities such as Sun City, Robson Communities, etc., in Maricopa County there will be fewer retirees coming to Payson. This would mean fewer new homes to be built here and resales to be sold by the Payson real estate community.

Mayor Edwards' position is that projects, such as Blue Ridge water and the county facilities in Payson, should not have to be paid for with bonds and property tax increases.

They should be paid for with impact fees, grants and prudent management of town and county budgets. He is fiscally responsible, meaning these and all other capital projects should be reviewed in accordance with need and financial affordability.

Vote for Mayor Edwards in the March 11 election.

Jim Hippel

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