Paper Receipts Wanted



I want a paper receipt for my choice for office.

1. The banks give receipts when we use ATM machines. These machines also keep a paper receipt within. I want a paper receipt and internal record in the machine when I make my choice for office so I can verify my choice for office if I want.

2. The technology is and has been available for many years to provide you and me with paper receipts when we make a choice for office. Why don't these choice making machines give us a paper receipt and keep a paper internal record? Keep asking that question.

3. Be sure to get this message to your state governor and your secretary of state with the request to correct these machines before Nov. 4, 2008!

Let's be sure our selections for office are correct!

P.S. If your Governor, Secretary of State, and State Legislature will not make the above improvements, tell them you want the printing companies throughout your state to print double paper receipts, so there is a verifiable record of your selection for office if you need it.

Pat Revere

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