Severe Conditions Attached To Contract Approval



Deep frying the Town Council is not the solution to completing the Mud Springs Phase II project that was approved by STAC, the mayor and council, including the budget providing the funds to do so.

Stand back folks and take a deep breath of fresh air and think, because the decision made to approve the funds for engineering the roundabout had some very severe conditions added to it by Councilor John Wilson, which will not allow town staff to spend any future funds on Phase II, until STAC has an opportunity to study methods of traffic control that will ensure the majority of residents of all neighborhoods involved in the extension are satisfied.

At the Jan. 9 STAC meeting (my last one), a group of citizens, mostly from Rim View and Elk Ridge, attended the meeting, partially because I encouraged Shirley Dye, the President of the Elk Ridge Property Owners Association to pass the word through the neighborhood that they should attend the meeting and voice their opinions. It was a good turnout, and "the people" did have an opportunity to voice opinions, as well as having the real details of the Mud Springs Road extension explained by the town engineer, LaRon Garrett.

I voiced my opinion, as Kenny Evans has, that there are several situations to Phase II that must be addressed, especially the safety of ALL neighborhoods surrounding the project, not just Phoenix Street and Mud Springs road. Regardless of the mayor's excuses, and accusations that I was for Phase II, at all costs, that is not true. I live in Elk Ridge, and have complained to La Ron many times over the last few years, how some intersections on Phoenix Street are very dangerous intersections, especially Elk Ridge Drive and Phoenix Street.

To say, "let's stop everything, including going ahead with engineering design," is the same as, "let's stop trying to get a truck route around Payson, because we need additional study on the project."

My opinion is, those who spoke so harshly about the councilors' gutsy decision at the last council meeting, do not want Mud Springs Road to continue to Highway 260, under any conditions. This is a desire of a few, not all, of the citizens of Payson.

Last, but not least, I have a lot of confidence in the STAC Chairman Tom Loeffler. I worked with Tom for several months and gained a lot of respect for his ability to think out situations, and I worked with him on a street survey. I believe if he can keep politics out of the future STAC meetings, we have a chance of an equitable solution that will be a compromise that should make the majority happy. As far as politics are concerned, Tom, and as much as I admire you as the STAC Chairman, I will not vote for you as a member of the Town Council.

Gordon Metcalf

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