Shoppers Should Use Fabric Bags



My name is Kali Johnson I am 14 years old and in eighth grade. I don't think anyone has ever complained about this but I think grocery stores have a problem. This problem is stores need to have a place to fill fabric bags. Grocery stores waste a lot of plastic and while some people may recycle, a lot of people don't and throw grocery bags away or on the ground, which creates pollution.

A great solution to this is fabric bags that are large to fit all your groceries. The problem with that is there is no place to set these fabric bags to fill them, and you wind up having to fill them one bag at a time. As a result, the line at the checkout counter is slow and people get pretty impatient.

This will help with people not recycling so it wouldn't be wasting plastic because you can use a fabric bag more than once. So that would mean that there won't be as much pollution from plastic bags. I think this issue should be told to the public that there should be a place for fabric bags to be set to fill them. What do you think?

Kali Johnson

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