Star Valley Photo Radar Needed



Concerning the photo radar in Star Valley: it's about time. It should have been put in years ago. We moved out there in December of 1997, and it's quite obvious that people drive through there without any regard for the speed limit. Especially in the summer when flat-landers come up for the weekends. But it doesn't matter if you are local, from the Valley, or what time of year it is. Whatever. It's a miracle that I or a member of my family haven't been rear-ended yet by some idiot coming up behind us, obviously going way over 45, then when you slow down as you enter Star Valley, and they change lanes to pass you, they don't use their signals either.

So what if our town is known as a speed trap. I was an EMT for eight years, and you would not believe some of the accidents I responded to; a lot of them with fatalities. Ask any of our great law enforcement people and they will tell you about how often speed is a factor. When I'm going through town, and I see those lights flash, it makes me so happy. I hope the cameras generate truckloads of money for Star Valley. Besides getting a ticket, I think some people should have their vehicle impounded for about 30 days; that's the reality check some of these idiot drivers need.

Richard Winiecki
Star Valley

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