Fools Gold- Youth Review

A well put together movie


"Fools Gold" is not for fools, but it is for anyone looking for a good romantic comedy.

The setting is in the beautiful Caribbean. The white sandy beaches and clear blue oceans make you want to jump into the film. There is a lot of skin in the movie because the actors and actresses are all performing mostly in their bathing suits.

The plot was pretty simple -- your basic "a guy needs money so he sells his soul to a ‘gansta' known as Big Bunny to fund his treasure hunt."

Finn, played by Matthew McConaughey, is our main character, the man who has pretty much sold his soul.

Finn is married to Tess, played by Kate Hudson, who is trying to divorce him due to his obsession with the treasure.

Of course, in any treasure hunt movie, there must always be bad guys getting in the way. So we have lots of scenes in which Finn is escaping the bad guys, due to his good luck.

Finn and Tess reunite to go on this last treasure hunt.

A multimillionaire, the millionaire's attractive daughter talk to Finn and Tess about their yacht and sign on to bank roll the search -- and the hunt begins in earnest for Spanish Gold.

Even though the multimillionaire's daughter is attractive, she is also very ditsy. You have to sit there and shake your head at how ditsy she is.

This movie is rated PG-13. There is, however, one very quick shot of two girls flashing Matthew McConaughey.

I'd have to say that one of the funniest parts is when Tess is walking with Finn and she passes two old men and she takes one of their canes and totally bashes Matthew McConaughey's face with it, knocking him to the ground.

That would probably have to be the funniest part.

I think that "Fools Gold" is a well put together movie.

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