Disagrees With Statements In Water Story



In the article "Pine residents to vote in recall election" in the Feb. 15 issue of the Payson Roundup, Fred Krafczyk makes several inaccurate statements.

He indicated that one of the board members being recalled is a developer in the area. This is not true. James Richey is a building contractor to a company that constructs log homes. Mr. Richey has not participated in the building of any of these homes in the Pine-Strawberry area. Being a building contractor is much different than being a developer. Mr. Krafcyzk implies that developers want to see the K2 project go through because they will gain financially. The actual developers in the area are against the K2 project because it will hurt them financially.

Mr. Krafcyzk states that Mr. Ploughe did not consider the K2 site as a good primary site. This is not true. In the report that Mr. Ploughe provided to PSWID at the time it said, "HWRC recommends site K1 as the optimum drilling site in the K2 area. However, HWRC is confident that each of the sites in the K2 area provides adequate opportunity for deep and perched groundwater production." Additional criteria, such as the land already being owned and proximity to the Magnolia pipeline led to the selection of the K2 site. Mr. Ploughe based his comments with regard to sites in Pine on the fact that the drilling depth would be less than in Strawberry. He did not take all the other costs into account.

Mr. Krafcyzk states that the three peer reviews also indicated that better sites existed in Pine. This is not true. Of the three reviews, one did not provide an opinion on the K2 site and the other two agreed that the K2 site would be a good place for a production well.

Mr. Krafcyzk states that there is water available from the local deep-well owners. Those deep-well owners have refused to negotiate agreements with Pine Water Company. That water is not available now. The deep-well owners have said that the community has to purchase the water company before they will give permission to access their water. That purchase activity is likely to take three years to complete.

Other inaccurate statements by Rim Country Water are addressed at www.WaterForPineStrawberry.com.

Sam Schwal

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