Doesn't Want To Be On Candidate's E-Mail List



When it is a political year, we all get overwhelmed with political advertisements either on the radio, TV, newspapers and at times the telephone.

Now our mayor has violated my computer. This intrusion into my personal life started just after the last debate which was hosted by the chamber of commerce.

Apparently the mayor is now worried because he didn't do so well. So, I ametting campaign statements e-mailed to me. I have responded back to have my address taken off of the e-mail list, but I keep getting the spam.

There are federal guidelines on how you can send spam and what disclosures are to be on it. Not one of the mayor's spam e-mails follows these guidelines.
I guess he feels that he can strong-arm the federal government, also.

Bob Edwards, get me off of your e-mailpam list.

Rich Stockwell

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