Gov. Napolitano Loses Court Appeal



Arizona is under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco-based 9th circuit court of appeals, and it isn't often that this liberal West Coast court renders a decision favorable to Heartland values. But, miracle of miracles, it just happened on Jan. 28 when the court handed radical pro-abortion Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano a significant rebuke and major policy loss by decreeing that Arizona must allow a "Choose Life" license plate to be made available to motorists.

The court saw Napolitano's former denial of the "Choose Life" plate (she called it "too divisive") as discrimination against a particular point of view and against citizens' First Amendment right to free speech.

This rather historic decision was all but ignored by the Phoenix-based Arizona Republic which supports Napolitano as faithfully as she supports Planned Parenthood.

After five years of legal challenges by the Arizona Life Coalition, the plates, when they become available, will cost $25, with $17 of that amount going to provide services supporting women facing crisis pregnancies -- certainly a much better "choice" than abortion.But, oh my, how "divisive"!

Carol Suhr

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