Residents Lean About Survivable Space Assessments


On Feb. 8, 9, and 10 the Christopher and Kohl's fire Department hosted a full house of students, fire department personal, contractors, and private citizens, all learning how to do individual property assessments for survivable space.

There were only a handful of survivable space assessors within the county before the class. Upon completion of the class there are now 37 more assessors within the state.

This will greatly enhance capabilities to get much work done. Thanks to all those who took the time to learn.

Chief Ray Larsen and all the students would like to thank the CKFD Auxiliary for graciously hosting lunch for everyone for those three days of classes.

The Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department has a grant for the reduction of forest fuels within the private lands of the district.

Area residents must match part of this grant with their own labor. Residents may apply for funds from the grant to help clean up their properties.

To receive funding, a resident must apply for an assessment of their property. A certified state assessor will perform this. It is a mandatory assessment.

It helps homeowners understand why some trees and underbrush should be removed, and why certain things on their homes should be corrected.

All of the recommendations need not be carried out at the same time. Some of property changes can be ongoing for several years.

An assessment permission form is available at the fire department. After the assessment has been conducted and delivered to you, you must obtain two bids (if possible) to have the work done. A sheet with contractors and a supply list is available to help you find workers for your project.

An assessment from a contractor is not valid unless revaluated by a state land certified assessor. Next, you obtain a grant application form, complete it, and return it with the assessment, paid invoices, and pictures. The reimbursement will be 80% of $1,500 (or $1,200) for each lot/acre/parcel -- up to a maximum of 5 acres/lots/parcels and $7,500. A maximum of $6,000 will be paid out.

A dump trailer is available for residents of the district to use for cleaning up their property. Please call (928)478-4403 for scheduling. The truck will not be left on your property, and you must have people to help load the trailer. Adequate space for turning is a must. If they can't access your property with the truck and trailer, they can't get a fire engine in there, either.

Other requirements

  • Homeowners must arrange for a certified assessment and take "before" pictures.
  • Have a contractor perform the work.
  • Complete grant application, and return with assessment, invoices, and pictures.
  • Pay contractor.
  • Submit packet to Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department.

This is a great way to get your property cleaned up and safe. We have received a lot of moisture this winter, but those of us that live here full-time never feel there is enough to keep us totally safe from fire danger.

Living in an area that has numerous people spending there summers here, and vacationing in our forest makes you vulnerable to fires no matter how much moisture you get.

The best way to avoid these disasters is to keep your property safe from fires.

Call today and find out what you need to get your property safe.

With the fuel reduction grant in full swing and fire season approaching let's make an effort to clean up your property and thanks to Caren and Sam Saey, this is possible.

They have successfully applied for and received another wildland grant. To assist homeowners in the fuel reduction on their private lands.

This grant is being administered by Caren and Sam Saey, with a few changes. The share part of this grant is more than before.

For more info, you can pick up applications for assessments at the fire station or contact Sam or Caren from 3 to 6 p.m. at 928-478-4403.

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