Show Support For Water District Board



With respect to the $300,000 Pine Water Improvement DistrictPSWID)s placing in escrownthe K-2 Well matter, Rim Country Water (RCW) has argued that these monies constitute a loan and that the transaction is illegal under the Arizona State Constitution.
The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)egal staff has recently filed a brief whichites case lawrguing againstCW allegations. Toummarizehe ACC staff brief:because (1) Pine Water Co. has no control over the funds,2) the money is released only according to specific escrow instructions and3) he arrangement does not give an advantage to Pine Water Co. over any other pubic service utility, the K-2 Well agreement does not violate the Arizona State Constitution. On line 12, page 8 of the Staff's Post Hearing Brief, the following statement is made, "This transaction is simply an investment for the District."

For a complete reading of the ACC brief, please go to www.WaterForPineStrawberry. com.
Please show your support for the hard work the PSWID Board has done in pursuing this investment in Pine/Strawberry's water future by voting for Wes Suhr, Forrest McCoy, Gary Sherlock and Jim Richey in the upcoming recall election.

Bernice Winandy

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