Snow Was Melting Day After The Feb. 15 Storm


Wet, slushy snow fell on Tonto Village on Friday, Feb. 15. The county maintenance crew did a very good job of removing most of the snow from the streets and the Control Road.

By the next day, the snow was already melting and dripping from everything. The total accumulation in the village was about 6 inches by 9 a.m. The scenery was pretty while it lasted.


James Barker and his wife Bernita have accepted the position of permanent pastor at the Tonto Village Chapel.

Tonto Village Chapel

Pastor James Barker and his wife Bernita has had the calling to become the permanent pastor of the Chapel.

Pastor Barker has lived in Star Valley for five years, and he was the pastor of the Baptist Church on Main Street in Payson in the early 1960s.

Pastor Jim has retired again after 26 years with Christian Education Company. He was writing materials for Christian schools.

Jim and Bernita have been married for more than 60 years and they had six children with most of them living in Arizona. We welcome the Barkers to Tonto Village.

The congregation of the Chapel wish to thank Pastor Roger Pike of the Star Valley Baptist Church for filling in as interim pastor for the Chapel.

There will be an open house/pot luck at the Chapel on March 2 at 1 p.m. to welcome the new pastor and to recognize and show appreciation to Pastor Roger for his help in the little chapel.


Gail Mortenson of Tonto Village III celebrates her big day on Feb. 22 the same as George Washington.

Brenda Slapnicka of Tonto Creek Road has her big day on Feb. 23.

Chris Manning of Tonto Village III will have her birthday on Mexican Flag Day, Feb. 24. May you delight in the simple treasures of life on your birthday. Happy birthday to all of you.

Double ‘D' Doins

The Scotch Double last Friday evening was a rousing success. It looks like this event may become a permanent part of pool nights at the Double D.

There were three sets of winners : Jeff and Kara Shaw shot for first place, followed by Harvey Poyner and Betty Koutz, second place winners and last but not the least, third-place winners were Buck and Suzie Shill.

The ladies played nine ball last Tuesday evening and Judi Tolle shot for first place. Ethel Cain and Betty Koutz finished second and third places. Congratulations to all the winners.

Coming events

Sometime in April or May, depends on the weather, there will be an Arts and Crafts Show sponsored by the Double D.

Hopefully, the booths will be set up in the ‘Island' across from the Double D. Betty Koutz told me that she will be displaying her gourds and a few of her paintings, so get busy with your craft, whatever it may be. More information will become available as the time draws near for the show.

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