They're Already Winners


Win or lose Saturday night, the Payson High School boys team needs to be congratulated for having a successful season.

The teams will be playing in the 3A championship game against Estrella Foothills, a team that defeated them early in the season.

Sports teams are measured by wins and losses, but also by character. This Payson team has showed character all season, under new head coach, Kenny Hayes.

It will take renewed dedication and long hours to perfect the skills needed to reach the state tournament, much less get to the finals.

Fortunately, the kids in this community seem well-supplied with both dedication and skill.

Please note that the Longhorns girls basketball squad and the wrestling teams have also earned the right to battle in the state 3A tournaments. We commend all the players and coaches for their commitments and achievements.

We also want to thank you, for what you do to create that sense of community and excitement and pride, that helps account for why we're so devoted in these pages to covering the struggles and triumphs of our hometown teams.

We wish you could have been in the audience last night at the Payson council meeting, for instance, where Vice Mayor Tim Fruth, sporting team colors, announced the win -- drawing heartfelt cheers all around.

And we do hope all three teams that have advanced to the toughest of challenges triumph and win it all. We'll all laugh and strut and congratulate one another, as though we'd accomplished something -- although all we did was watch.

But the truth is, it doesn't matter what happens next.

You're all winners.

And you make us proud.

Now we just hope classmates of the Payson High team, family and community members will turn out to cheer on the Longhorns against Estrella. Game time is 8 p.m. at the Arena. We will be there and we hope to see a large turnout of Longhorn fans on Saturday. Chances to win a state title are fleeting, so let's become the sixth player for the Longhorns Saturday night.

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