Everyone Is Connected



There is so much emphasis being put into the word race, man has used it to put people into tiny little cubicles thinking that these will separate us, what a joke. If we gather children from all over the world and put them in a giant playpen, they will all play, laugh and share without conflict. At this time in their lives, they all have complete trust in who they are and what their roles are, it is called the "age of innocence," a word that also means "without corruption."

Do we all see the picture? As children, we do not see the differences as to who we play with, simply because there are none. It is later, down the road when we supposedly begin to "grow up" that we change how we "see" each other. All these changes come about because we lose our "childlike innocence," become competitive, greedy, selfish, unrealistic about our goals and so on.

The Creator made us all beautiful and equal in every way, the color of our skin was to adapt better to the environment of the part of the world we would live in, darker skin where there is more sun so we do not burn, lighter in colder areas, etc., and as we traveled around this Earth, we mix and become even more beautiful in every sense of the word.

We are All connected, no matter what part of this magnificent Earth we come from. As children of the Creator, we are born sharing his "Special Powers" -- they are the Power of Love, Kindness, of Service and the Power of Happiness.

Shirley A. Brimm

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