Another Roundabout Is Frustrating



The residents of Payson would like the town hall to explain why a roundabout was built at the intersection of Granite Dells Road and Mud Springs Road before a final decision was made to push Mud Springs through to Highway 260.

Why would you want to send Mud Springs Road directly to Highway 260 when there has always been a question or fear of having Phoenix Street/Mud Springs become a shortcut for tourists.

Careful thinking should have led the town to build a road from Granite Dells to Highway 260 a half-mile or so east of Mud Springs in the area of the Forest Service complex. This would confuse short cutters. There is nothing more frustrating to tourists then to try and shortcut and then get themselves into a time consuming runaround. As far as the new roundabout on Granite Dells, cover it with four or five loads of granite, asphalt it and have a nice little hill on the roadway with a stop sign on the corner.

Accept the lost money as a major boo-boo.

After all, the big reason to build a connection between the two streets has been an easy access for school busses and occasionally fire or ambulance service. Do not jump and say, "the college." It is not that difficult to go to the college from the Safeway store where the traffic light is.

I dare say that most of the Phoenix Street and Mud Springs area residents will go to the shopping areas via Granite Dells. Others, using the short road from Granite Dells, would probably go East on 260.

Think of the high cost savings there would be if we did not have to build another roundabout on 260 or heaven forbid, a stoplight.

A lot of folks in Payson think that most of the tourists that come to Payson on weekends wish Payson were not here. They wish only that the intersection of highways 87 and 260 were in the middle of the desert.

Another roundabout to wiggle large fifth-wheel trailers and large motor homes around is frustrating.

Dave Engleman

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