Edwards, Blair Commended For Listening To Mud Springs Area Residents



We commend Mayor Edwards and Councilman Blair for showing their efforts in listening and using their skills to evaluate all the issues concerning the Mud Springs extension. They supported the STAC committee's recommendation to analyze the numerous concerns. At the STAC committee meeting on Feb. 6, the committee listened to the public input and suggested there may be alternatives to the extension.

We are very discouraged and disappointed in the Town Council meeting we attended on Feb. 7. Town council members, Fruth, Vogel, Wilson and Connell voted to override the STAC committee's recommendation. A truly successful business would look at all the options prior to spending a nickel. They would have all their processes in place to prevent wasting their resources, as should the Town of Payson.

Shame on these council members for not letting the STAC committee do its appointed job. It seems you have put the cart before the horse, spending money on the roundabouts and traffic engineering company to design the roundabout at Highway 260 and the proposed Mud Springs extension. This tells us you don't care what the people have to say prior to the public STAC committee meeting on Feb. 19. Your actions and monetary appropriations are a serious concern. If there are other recommended alternatives, you've just wasted $42,000 of hard-earned taxpayer money.

Better planning BEFORE any money is spent would be the wise decision. We have not heard any input as far as the road improvement on the west end of Phoenix Street that connects to Highway 87 and the section of Mud
Springs between Frontier and Cedar. These roads and drainage are not designed for the expected volume of traffic this extension would create. What has been planned to address these areas? Where is the community input? What is the hurry?

The studies in 1986 and 1998 were done prior to the population growth of the southeast portion of Payson. We need to address the concerns and problems of 2008. We hope you can turn this around and show the people of Payson that you are capable of doing the job you were elected to do.

Concerned taxpayers and registered voters,

Randy and Sallie Loman

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