Improvements Made To The Dog Park Over The Past Three Years



Recently, we were just advised that we could not make any more improvements to the dog park, i.e. trimming the bushes, etc., unless we notified Parks and Recreation first. They would then give us approval to make the improvement. Some of the areas in which we have participate in are:

1. Trimming the lower brush off of the trees so a 6-foot person wearing a hat can clear. Bud Matson has lost a hearing aid and has scratched his face because the trees have not been maintained up to seven feet.

2. The tables were wire-brushed and painted by paint that volunteers bought. The tables are back to their rough state again. Tables need to be wire-brushed and painted again.

3. Aluminum cans are hauled off to the Humane Society. A larger container is needed.

4. There are sharp rocks all over the park. After one vet bill on a dog for cutting his foot on the sharp rocks, volunteers began removing the sharp rocks and the ones left were painted white. There are still sharp rocks that need to be removed.

5. Volunteers have donated many chairs and two tables for the use of those who participate at the dog park.

6. Many volunteers rake, load wheelbarrows and clean up the wood chips. Those who put in many hours are Dorothy and Dan Howell, Punk Maderas and Cara Summerfield.

7. The dog park has many regular volunteers and users. When those who use the park are unable to pick up their dog's mess, other volunteers clean up for them.

6. The water system always freezes, causing a mess. Volunteer attempted to rectify the problem, after many calls were placed to Parks and Rec. However, they did not get involved, until there was an epidemic of kennel cough.

9. The ramada that was promised, a year ago, has never been provided.

10. The parking lot has tree branches that have scratched the vehicles.

There are a lot of hours needed now to hand-rake the whole place.

Volunteers are more than willing to continue to take care of our park. We are willing to abide by this new policy, but only if Parks and Recreation are willing to come out and fix problems in a timely manner. If they cannot because of time restrictions, then we are asking that Parks and Rec allow us to continue to maintain our park as we see fit.

By signing the attached petition, we agree with the foregoing.

Bud Matson (signature on letter)

Names on Petition: Bud Matson, Lee Matson, Henrietta Migil, Dana L. Elliott, Kathryn R. Schnerdewend, Bonnie Elliott, Lil Semoff, Leslie Christiansen, R. Norton, Autumn Goude, Joyce MacKay, Regeania R. Yorke, Gerrie S. Davis, Bill Gilham [and 7 other signatures, which are illegible]

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