K2 Well Is Needed In Pine



Why would the communities of Pine and Strawberry not want the possibility of additional water as soon as this summer?

K2 is to be a deep well into the R aquifer which will reduce usage from the shallower C aquifer.If it comes in at 150 gpm, it will increase our water supply by 93%.This would mean no more water-hauling charges, andater usage restrictionsould be atevel Iuring the summer.Can you imagine how much happier that alone will make us?

roperty values will increase and the current moratorium on new meters can be lifted, which is great news for anyone on the wait list for water access.
f you don't believe what I say check out the various websites including www.WaterForPineStrawberry.comnd www.PSWID.org.

Let us try and look forward to a pleasant summer with the chance of more water and allow our communities to heal and get back to the way we were.

Pamela Mason


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