Payson Is A Good Town



Just recently, I have attended coffees and clubs with political speakers, forums, and debates concerning our March 11, candidates running for public offices. The questions and responses are very informative, but so much seems to me to be negative about our town, administrators and political leaders. Frankly, I am overwhelmed!

We all would be incompetent thinkers and very "Pollyanna-ish" citizens if we were unaware of problems and situations that have happened to us. But strangely enough, this letter is a look at the positive sides that are never mentioned, and encouragement for the benefits from our town's management the parks and recreation department are doing wonders in supplying us with activities to enjoy, such as excursions to many events in the state at a reasonable price -- including trips out-of-town, sports events, theater, hikes, and even river trips for excitement.

They are also providing movies in the park and concerts during the summer, without fees, to enjoy.

Swimming in our outdoor pool is lasting longer, from May to possibly September, perhaps this year.

Green Valley is a great walk for many of us. It's safe, clean (usually but they do try if the ducks and birds helped) and easy. Also fishing is there for fisherman.

Sport facilities are available for tennis, soccer, football, baseball players and fans.

Many times we fail to appreciate that our streets and walkways are clean and well-kept by cooperation of both the city, volunteer groups and individuals through working with town departments.

We have a library better than most towns our size, that we all use fluently. Thanks again to cooperation and the ability to work together with our town officials. We should all be proud of that facility.

Much has been accomplished in the last few years by all of the town because they finally have become more respectful of each other by considering new and different updated ways of accomplishing water, building, departmental problems, and by also seeking to find the communities desires and thoughts.

There is much more to be said about the good things happening in our town and it might just be a treat to hear a few acclamations of how neat and cool our town is, rather than be saturated with the grumbles and moans about the negative aspects. We are alive, and perhaps able to aid and accelerate solutions to some undesirable conditions.

I'm glad we have the town we have, it's as good as the best anywhere. Perhaps a pat on the back for jobs well-done and less uninformed objections with a little tolerance and patience to problem solving is the answer to keeping Payson a wonderful hometown.

Julie Lynch

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