Students Being Coached

PHS school column


This past week Don Heizer and I have been going into the freshman and sophomore history classes working with each of the students on their course selections for the 2008-2009 school year.

This week we will complete the process by going into the junior history classes. This has been a perfect opportunity to touch base with all students. With the increase in credits required to graduate, the students are understanding that they are still required to have roughly the same proportion of classes as past graduates.

This year's graduates will be the last class to graduate with 22 credits.

The class of 2009 will be expected to complete 24 credits; the class of 2010 and all future classes will have to complete 25 credits.

The class of 2009 will be the first class to graduate with four social studies classes: World History/Geography, American Studies I & II, and a semester of U.S. Government and a semester of Free Enterprise. Other changes that are taking place will be an increase in the number of science and math classes that will be required to graduate.

The class of 2011 will be expected to graduate with three maths (up from two) and the class of 2012 will have three sciences (up from two).

Eighth-grade registration

We have also completed our first of two nights of eighth-grade registration. On Feb. 19 and 20 we met with eighth-grade parents and their students in the middle school library.

Mr. Heizer made a presentation, Roy Sandoval spoke a few minutes, then staff members from the high school met with the parents and students individual to go over the students six-year plan and work on their course request for next year.

This week we will continue the meetings on Feb. 26 and 27. For the parents, it is a way to take care of the registration process for their incoming freshmen. Now the only thing that they will have to do will be to come to the high school to check-in and pick up books. A big thanks goes out to all the staff members who gave of their time to lend a hand to help out.

AIMS testing

As mentioned earlier in one of the newspaper articles, we do have our AIMS testing beginning this week. On Tuesday, Feb. 26 will be the AIMS Reading and on Wednesday, Feb. 27, we will administer the AIMS Writing. On April 8 we will have the AIMS Math and on April 9 will be the AIMS Science.

Things are buzzing in the Guidance Center trying to take care of the logistics of the testing and distribution of materials.

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