Town Needs A Non-Intrusive Bypass



Since the Town of Payson has apparently decided to proceed with the pro tem Route 260 bypass, via Phoenix Street and Mud Springs Road, it seems that all of us should get busy on working on a genuine, non-intrusive bypass.

If we want one in less than 20 years, we have to bring considerable political pressure to bear. I refer you to my letter in your Jan. 25 edition, "Mud Springs compromise is temporary at best."

Again, I urge all residents of Payson and Star Valley, who are inconvenienced by "drive-through" traffic from the Valley, to write:

Chairman Joe Lane, ADOT, 206 S. 17th Avenue,Mail Drop 100A, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Also, if possible, give copies to: Sen. Jake Flake, Rep. Jack Brown, Rep. Bill Konopnicki, Sen. Ron Gould - Chairman Sen. Transport, Rep. Andy Biggs - Chairman House Transport. All these gentlemen can be reached at 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007.

It is up to each of us to let these state officials know, loud and clear, that Payson and Star Valley need a bypass to handle the heavy "drive-through" traffic. If we don't make our case, I can assure you that the money will go somewhere else.

I have been attending ADOT Committee meetings during 2007. There were far more requests for money, than there was money available. In 2008, there will be less money available. The State of Arizona faces declining tax revenues. Expenditures are being reduced in all areas.

If we want the money we need, for a bypass, we should tell the state officials about our problems and dangers and why it is important that something be done now. The more people who write, the better our chances are.

Dan Adams

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