Annual Pajama Party Creekside Might Get Do-Over


Last Wednesday night was the Annual Ladies Pajama Party. But, this year only twelve ladies were healthy enough to attend the party.

It seems this year the flu took its toll on Christopher Creek's Annual PJ Party, including yours truly, leaving Karen Thornton not only as the best hostess, but also my reporter for the evening.

Even though the flu took its toll this year there was plenty of great food, interesting conversation, and a lot of laughter, as I remember from previous years.

Several hardy souls braved the cold weather in their jammies in hopes of seeing the lunar eclipse.

Alas, the stormy skies completely blacked it out.

Sleep fashions

The two ladies that braved the weather and attended the PJ Party for the first time were Eileen Kittock in red-and-white striped jammies with a plaid flannel robe and, first-timer Kelly O'Neill, in her "reach for the stars" jammies.

Nanci Olson wore our angel, Shelly Hansen's, red satin PJ's with bear-claw slippers.

Vicki Grootegoed's slippers really looked like adorable wolf cubs. Vicki, were you out roaming the forest again?

Judy Toole's party attire was elegant, yellow satin jammies with red hearts.

Look out Dwaine!

Mimi Tidwell looked just like Christmas morning in her red robe.

A nightie and boots were Paula Hall's choice for the evening, while Margo Holmes-Fish was shabby chic in a flowered nightie and plaid flannel pants.

Liana Pearsall sported peek-a-boo, red baby dolls over long johns and Shelly Sundra wore purple and gray-striped flannels.

Carol Hiscox was cozy in her footed, blue-and-green plaid jammies, and let's not forget the Hostess, Karen Thorton.

She donned a black boa and diva slippers with glittery red toenails that went great with her PJ's.

As the evening progressed, the remaining food was packed up and transported to the hungry men at Creekside.

Many thanks to Creekside bartender, Rod Britain, for keeping the bar open late especially for the party. Where else can a wild group of ladies descend upon a bar in their jammies and funny slippers?

That is just one of the reasons we all love Christopher Creek.

Be aware that there is talk of a "do-over," since so many ladies were too sick to attend this year's party.

Can Christopher Creek handle two Ladies Pajama Parties in one year?

I sure hope so because a lot of ladies could not make this year.

Oh what a night those who made it had!

A few that were missed Marsha Delessaedro, Rhea Hoedle, Sonny Hunt, Phyllis Agnew, Sally Atchinson, Diane Davis, Jackie Ezzell, Anna Marie Grubbs, Laura Alvin and yours truly.

I think another pajama party is in order.

Well wishes

I spoke with Jackie Ezell this week, she is down in the Valley and having her last treatment of chemo, and all of us want to wish her the best.

Get healthy and back on your feet.

Jackie told me that her granddaughter, who is only three years old, is also on chemo; she came down with a childhood cancer this year and is being treated for it.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackie and her granddaughter during this very hard time, and we wish them a very speedy recovery.


Marsha Delessaedro will be celebrating her birthday on March 2.

Randy Dawson will be adding another candle to his cake on March 3.

Audrey Treat will have another birthday on March 6.

Wishing all of you a very happy birthday.

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