Evans Is A Good Guy



Please let me tell you about a man I work with who should receive the ‘good guy' award, every day! His name is Kenny Evans. I have worked with him on the Mogollon Health Alliance board for several years. He is the President of this wonderful, giving nonprofit organization plus several other nonprofit community-based organizations. He gives tirelessly of himself to all. Recently he saw a job completed in our community that will save many lives, the dialysis center. It was a long time in getting this completed with MHA and DaVita. He and Judy Baker were determined to "get 'r done," so 30-plus neighbors didn't have to travel to the Valley three or four times a week! I had a dear friend who chose death, rather than have her family make this trip after a month or so. My hat and my vote go to this most unselfish man. Thanks for making a difference!

Bertha Riggs Bonds, Secretary

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