Evans Outspends Mayor Edwards


Challenger Kenny Evans has raised nearly three times as much money as Mayor Bob Edwards and council candidate Michael Hughes has raised nearly double his closest competitor, according to campaign spending reports filed Thursday, Feb. 28.

Evans has raised $25,535 so far, including a $5,000 personal loan to his campaign. He reported nearly $9,000 cash on hand.

By contrast, Edwards started off with about $3,375 on hand from his last campaign and raised another $4,408 -- bringing his total to $8,846. He reported just $2,018 cash on hand.

Edwards has endorsed David Rutter and Tom Loeffler for council, and as a group many of their advertisements promote all three candidates. The ads indicate they have split the cost. Together the three have raised $19,246.

Councilman John Wilson, a former IRS agent running for re-election, did not file a statement, under an exemption for candidates spending less than $500.

Fund-raising and spending totals for the other candidates for the three seats include:

-- Michael Hughes (Realtor): Raised $9,732, spent $7,793.

-- David Rutter (retired hospital administrator, endorsed by Edwards): Raised $5,376, spent $3,341.

-- Tom Loeffler (retired Michigan state official, endorsed by Edwards): Raised 5,024, spent $331.

-- Richard Croy (affordable housing advocate): Raised $1,140, spent $783.

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