Happy Kenny Evans Is Running For Mayor



This is a wonderful town -- beautiful scenery in every direction, neighbors that are truly kind and helpful and in just over an hour you can get to the Valley, should you need something that's not available in Payson.

I know why we moved here 29 years ago, (even though we had to take a one-half pay cut to do it) and I know why we've stayed.There are quirks that you learn to accept as part of the package of living here though -- the real estate market has major ups and downs.We have just come out of one of the rare up times for the real estate market.

We lived in our first home up here for 23 years and remodeled it four times because the market was down and we couldn't do anything else to accommodate our growing family.Because of the low pay scale, we learned to do most of the work ourselves as we lived in the "construction zone."

There have been many new people move in and we have always welcomed them as we were welcomed, and in 29 years we've seen the town's population go from 5,000 to 15,000 -- a fair increase, slow and steady -- hardly explosive. Many of the streets that are the "feeders" to the nice new upscale neighborhoods with wide streets, sidewalks and curbs, run through older neighborhoods that frankly would have rather kept their streets dead ends and not seen the growth, but growth is inevitable (unless you have the $$ to buy all the undeveloped land and sit on it -- not me) and so we all need to work together, and make the changes be real improvements for the whole community.

The the last two years at Town Hall have been some of the ugliest I have seen while living here and I am saddened at such a rift in our community.
I am grateful for such a fine man and true leader to have stepped forward to try to heal the wounds sustained by the last few years of negativity.We know Kenny Evans to be a man with capabilities far beyond what would be called for as a mayor of a small town, but he has the knowledge (particularly of water law -- having been one of those involved in writing the current state water laws) leadership (I have seen him lead on many levels and know his talent and goodness) and ability to work with people from all walks of life.
He has lived here for 10 years and is a native Arizonan and so has a real understanding of the way to get things done properly.

It is my hope to have Payson return to the friendly atmosphere that in the past prevailed -- and so I am voting for Kenny Evans for mayor and urge you to do the same.

Nancy Gartner

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