Large Crowd Comes To Water Meeting



There was a large crowd there last night.I'm a little concerned that I haven't received my ballot in the mail to vote for new board members.

It seems they're waiting for the midnight hour.Brooke "Hardcastle" was supposed to come with some requested documents, but as usual; he didn't show.He neededore time.Isn't that precious.That brought a response from the crowd.

At one point the crowd got quite boisterous.There is a lot of anger now.One of the board said that everyone wanted to go ahead with the K2 well, and of course that got a negative response from the crowd.

Also, the boardhowed $8,000 of expenses.Seven plus was what we paid for the attorney.Cindy brought up that we were paying for the water for Jim Richey's condos.That brought quite a response from the crowd.Richey held in his emotions, but at one point; his anger really started to show.

The test well is going to be used as a water system as well.They are going down something like 60 feet with the casing, so that seems to me that it won't go down far enough to keep the wells from being affected in Strawberry.

Also, if it doesn't get 150 gallons a minute, Brooke might sack the whole thing.That means the well will be owned by our water company.I think we won't e able to do anything with it, but we could sellhe wello someone else. lso, the board said something about the rate changes for the water bill.They said the rate changes won't come until the water is being used.

They didn't want to mention that it meant the rates would go up.It took quite some heckling from the crowd to get them to say that the rates would go up.Some people asked the board a couple of questions thathey were careful not to answer without the attorney.

The illegality of what the boardas doing was brought up, but they skirted around that for the moment.After the meeting, asked one of the board how they could go against the wishes of their constituents.His response was that the people weren't there when they did all the work.

Some of theeople told me thathat wasn't true,ecause the people were there fighting this from the start; and made it known.Sparks are flying.For the board to live in a small town like this, and continue on this path just baffles me.I would thinkhe town folksould run them out on a rail.

The K2 is supposed to last seven years so now they're adding more homes.Maybe it won't even last that long.If people don't get their ballots in the mail to vote for the change of the water board, they need to show up at the Pine library on or before Thursday, Feb. 28.

It's snowing, so maybe we will have water this year.

Sharon Stewart

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