Learn From Greek Version Of New Testament At Chapel


Can you believe it? Today is the last day of February.

This is a leap year, adding another day to February. The legend is that if a female wants to marry a certain someone, she gets to do the proposing! Give it your best, gals.

Tonto Village is still in the throes of winter, even if the temperatures are moderating somewhat.

There is still snow on the ground in the shady spots, the rest is mud.

I did notice that some of my plants are showing signs of being rejuvenated by the excess of moisture. I see tiny green shoots popping up in my planters. The garlic I planted two years ago came up right through the snow.

I am now looking forward to spring time, although I realize that we do have the rest of winter to go through, along with more frost, so I will bide my time and watch for the signs of spring.

Bear Flat

The Bear Flat residents have had an abundance of moisture this year. The unofficial total is 11.57 inches of moisture since January 1.

The normal unofficial totals are approximately four inches for January and February.

The creek is flowing at about one foot, thankfully not enough to make it impossible to cross with a good-sized vehicle.

Tonto Village Chapel

Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m., the gals and gents study the Bible.

This week, Pamela Furobotten is instructing the ladies in the Greek version of the New Testament.

It is quite interesting, since some of the wording is different.

The King James version is taken from the Greek version of the Bible. If you are interested in learning the Greek version, join the ladies every Tuesday.

The gentlemen are also learning verses of the Bible.

Don't forget the special potluck luncheon that will be held after Bible study on Sunday, March 2. at 1 p.m.

Interim pastor Roger Pike and the newly designated pastor Jim Barker will be the guests of honor.

Please bring along one of your favorite dishes and enjoy talking with the member of the congregation. The Star Valley Church will also be in attendance.

Hellsgate Fire District

The next meeting of the Diamond Star chapter of the fire department is at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 3. The Tonto Village Auxiliary chapter will also be in attendance.

Discussion will center around the Star Valley ‘Spring Fling' on May 3. The event is a community-centered event with the help of the Moose Lodge and other organizations.

The Auxiliary is concentrating on vendors for the booths. The vendor applications are available at both fire stations. The charge is $25 for all day.

The event will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you would like more information, call Jude at (928) 472-1146.


Joan and Gary Norem of Tonto Village III, will celebrate their birthday on March 1. Joan and Gary spend just about all summer in the village and are a very community minded couple. They are truly a vital part of Tonto Village.

Another Tonto Village III resident who will add another candle to his birthday cake is Eric Kirchhoefer on March 6. Eric is also a community-minded individual. He served on The Tonto Village Fire Board for many years. Thank you for your volunteer service to the community.

The secret of a happy life is to think kindly of the past and live fully in the now. Have a wonderful birthday.

Pool shots

Last Tuesday evening, the gals got together at the Double D for a lively game of nine-ball.

Kara Shaw was the first-place winner, Kelly O'Neill from Christopher Creek shot for second and Betty Koutz shot for third place.

Congratulations to the winners.

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