Not Happy With Rhetoric About Mayoral Candidates



Ten years ago we decided to leave the Verde Valley and began to explore Payson. We subscribed to the Roundup then. It helped paint a picture of the community we might move to. Good stuff. Solidified our tentative plans to move.

During the time we've been here, the ups and downs of the Town of Payson have been dutifully covered. Not always perfectly or wonderfully, but certainly appropriate for this community.

It seems clear that the owners in Lawrence are pushing for a new style. More like the supermarket tabloids. I don't read tabloids because of their unsupported representations of allegations and/or insinuations -- however dramatic, exciting, or revealing they may be.

With Pete Aleshire's recent contributions of biased and inflammatory rhetoric regarding Payson's mayoral candidates, I won't be reading the Roundup either. You have succeeded in losing this subscriber.

Patricia Allebrand

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