This Week's Review


Welcome and thank you for picking up this copy of the the Rim Review.

I hope that however you chose to ring in or ignore the passage of Father Time, that 2008 brings you good fortune.

Inside these pages you will find tips on how to catch bass and crappies in Lake Roosevelt.

If you have not seen the "National Treasure: The Book of Secrets," you can find out why both our reviews recommend the film.

Noble Collins tries to reason with airport security.

If you are staying up late you can eat breakfast for dinner with our recipes.

Stan Brown takes us to the unmarked grave of Andres Moreno on our history page.

Meet professional musicians Brooks ‘n' Yoder on our Arts Page.

There are puzzles for your mind, a cartoon for your funny bone -- it's called a funny bone because it is at the end of your humerus -- and speaking of bones, Dr. Donohue on the To Your Good Health page has information about under active thyroid glands.

I hope you will forgive me for that awful pun, but if it wasn't awful, it wouldn't be a pun.

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