America's Borders Need To Be Secure



No ifs, ands, or buts, we need our borders secured.

A double fence, well-patrolled, would be my choice at present, but this could be improved upon.

Also, we need to expel any and all illegals who are within our borders. They are here illegally and that makes them criminals.

As such they are not good prospective citizens. Our crime statistics reinforce the statement that illegals do not make good citizens of the United States or any other country.

A guest worker program may be of use to some extent, but it must be completely controlled as to the type of worker (no criminals), to their length of stay, and to their place of employment.

Another problem I have with our present immigration policy is that the prospective new citizen doesn't have to learn English prior to their approval as a citizen. Our country should not have to print political and other data in any language other than English.

The nation became great in large part because we all spoke and wrote the same language.

It was not easy for those new immigrants of the past, but they realized the value of speaking and writing English when they became a United States citizen.

Also, they were encouraged to identify themselves as a U.S. citizen. Trying to retain a past identity to their ex-native country (such as German-American) was discouraged. It was T. Roosevelt (in 1907) who stated that a hyphenated American has yet to become a citizen. If our present immigrants cannot understand this policy, then they can't be the type of new citizen that our country needs or desires.

We elect the politicians in Washington, D.C. to pass laws that reflect the wishes of the people who voted them into office. By the politicians' own surveys and polls they know that we the people want actual border control, a halt to illegal immigration, and the expulsion of all present illegals (criminals).

No action, or any action less than the three items listed above will cause new faces to appear in Congress at the next election. Politicians must be made aware that the lobbyists can feather their purses but the people elect them to office to look after all of our interests.

G.W. Smith


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