Don't Expand Mud Springs Road



My husband and I bought property in Payson 11 years ago. We have lived and worked here full-time for the last four years. We specifically chose Payson over other Arizona towns because it's peaceful and uncongested.

We understand that the council is considering the extension ofud Springs Road to Route 260, where a roundabout will be constructed on Route 260. We are against any further extension of Mud Springs Road. Here's why:

1) It is unsafe to create a "bypass" that increases traffic through residential neighborhoods.

2) Traffic on Phoenix Street already moves above the speed limit without control.

3) The blind spot at the corner of Phoenix and Elk Ridge is already unsafe and will become even harder to maneuver without accident as traffic increases on Phoenix Street.

4) Driversoing southwestrom 260 to 87 viaud Springs and Phoenix Street.ill create a backup on Phoenix Street at Route 87.

5) Drivers turning southbound on to Route 87 from Phoenix Street will create a road hazard as they cross into traffic on Route 87.

6) Creating more ways for flatlanders to get through our town will not resolve our traffic congestion. It will just allow more traffic to move through town easier, and in the long run, create even more traffic! Creating more roads never relieves road congestion in the long run.

7) Payson residents know how to avoid weekend traffic, so there's no reason to use Payson dollars to subsidize roads that just benefit outsiders!

Darlene Pierman


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