Gary Coon Seeks Star Valley Council Position


Why are you running?

My wife, Norene, and I discovered the Rim Country in 1997 and after retiring, we moved to what is now Star Valley. We unknowingly arrived at an interesting time, as Star Valley was about to become incorporated.


Gary Coon Star Valley councilor

The birth of Star Valley created many challenges that require citizens to pool talents and ideas and participate however possible during this process. As my interest and involvement increased, I felt a position on the town council would assist me in making further contributions.

What changes are you seeking to implement?

I don't think changes are what we need at this time, as much as deciding what we want our town to look like.

Personally, I like the friendly small-town atmosphere that we enjoy now. If we control how our future decisions affect that perspective, I believe our town will be successful.

What are the three most important issues to you?

That's a difficult question. There are so many important issues to deal with when forming a new town, it's not easy limiting it to three.

Perhaps the most difficult issue at this time is water availability and management.

Some other important issues are creating a police department, improving our wastewater treatment facilities, creating a business environment, and flood control.

How will you attempt to address or solve those issues?

Communication is a key factor.

Working with the various committees that are involved, as well as the general public is vital. Solving the water issue will involve not only the Town of Star Valley, but surrounding communities as well.

What can voters expect from you?

To listen. When I'm listening I'm learning.

Knowledge leads to understanding, which leads to solutions.

The town council is a melting pot of ideas and opinions that should come from the people they represent. If have an understanding of what the people want, I will be better qualified to make correct decisions.

What are your qualifications for holding a council seat?

I am retired from General Motors with 37 years in tool-and-die engineering and design.

I owned and managed a consulting firm that assisted manufacturing companies in tooling design and operation. This has taught me how to make critical decisions and work with people.

What experience do you have, preparing you to hold office?

Through my working career, I have had to discipline myself to focus on detail.

In my view, this is an essential ingredient in resolving a situation. During those years, I enjoyed working with many people in finding solutions to issues.

How will you work with your fellow councilors, if elected?

I have nearly 100% attendance at the Star Valley Council meetings, which has allowed me to get to know each member quite well.

I consider all of them my friends, as well as the candidates running for council. I'm sure opinions will occasionally differ, but friendship will persist. That is imperative when looking for solutions.

In what activities or committees are you currently involved?

Star Valley Water Coalition. I am co-chairman of the Diamond Star Water Task Force. I am vice-chairman of the Star Valley Water Task Force which consists of 12 members. These members include, among others, hydrologists, geologists, and representatives from ADWR, USFS, Gila County, Tonto Apache Reservation and CAP.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy composing and playing music, woodcarving wildlife, reading and hiking.

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