Hopeful Wishes For Creekside Residents


As we look back on 2007, it is clear that the community of Christopher Creek lost a lot of wonderful people, who are very sadly missed.

Clayton Ashby


A large helicopter drops slurry on the Promontory Fire in 2007.

Clay was one of the Pioneers of Christopher Creek. He grew up here and lived here most of his life. He could tell the best stories around. Whether you were young or old, you never got tired of listening to Clay. He was the kind of person that if you needed help, he was right there. He always had a smile on his face and this look in his eye that you wondered what he was up to. He was one wonderful, kind person.

Dorothy Sagert

Dorothy was a longtime resident of the community who went peacefully after spending time with her family here on Apple Lane. She was a sweet, spiritual lady who could be seen taking an afternoon walk through the community.

Dick Jones

Dick lived out in Ponderosa Springs and he and his wife Jane would have been married 55 years this year. Dick went in for knee replacement surgery, which resulted in an infection. Jane said everything got worse after the surgery. He was a kind, caring husband and father.

Don Anderson

Don was a longtime resident here in Christopher Creek. He was head of the Boy's Camp for well over 30 years. He always had a kind word for everyone. He was always a polite man that everyone loved.

Jessie Wynn

Jessie was a longtime resident of Christopher Creek. He was a quiet-spoken man. Jessie used to be a bingo caller at the fire department. He was a loving husband who is sadly missed.

Dr. William Quist

Bill was a longtime resident of Christopher Creek. He was a veterinarian and could be seen walking his Labs around the community. He was a caring man and always there if you needed something.

Jacqueline Ashby

She was a devoted mother, and a very caring woman. Many days, you would see her sitting outside in front of the Ashby homestead, just enjoying the beautiful weather.

Doris Berg

Doris was an elderly lady that lived on Columbine Road. She was quiet and kind.

John Willinghof

John moved up here from the Valley four years ago, and passed away after a battle with cancer. John was quiet and kept to himself.

Al Dale

Longtime resident Al Dale passed away on Dec. 27.

Al and Deloris have been a part of Christopher Creek for many years. Al was known for his artwork and for playing the guitar.He could pick up a rock and paint on it and make it special.Al and Deloris own the Double D Enterprises Screenprinting and have been printing T-shirts, caps and sweatshirts for this area for years.

We will miss Al. He was a quiet, sweet man.

For all of you who were close to these wonderful people, may our warmest thoughts and prayers be with you. We may have lost them, but we will never forget them.

Moving on

In 2007, several people have moved away from our community. We hate to see wonderful people leave our community, on the other hand, some really nice people have joined us and we welcome them.

In 2007, the Landmark Restaurant still remains closed, but was purchased by Gary and Cindy Werlinger and we are hopeful for a 2008 opening.

In March of 2007, we all said a sad goodbye to previous owners of the Creekside Restaurant John and Olive Matus. John and Olive had owned the Creekside for over 37 years. Everyone knew and loved John and Olive. They have moved to Payson and retired and we wish them the very best.

In 2007, new owners took over the Creekside Steakhouse and the community wishes them the best, Wolfgang and Jean Klein and Gene and Thelma Bettencourt. They have been running the place since May and doing a great job.

Red and Jo Armistead sold the Christopher Creek Garage and Debbie Ashbrenner purchased it and everyone is sitting back and waiting to see just what exciting plans she has for it.

No smoke without fire

2007 was the year to breathe easier. The Smoke-free Arizona Act went into place and you can no longer smoke inside restaurants, and most indoor places, making most businesses put in outdoor patios for smokers.

2007 saw fire on the mountain in Christopher Creek. On Sunday night, Mother's Day, May 13, a fire broke out on Promontory Point -- more than 1,400 acres burned. It was human-caused and had a hefty price tag of $4.2 million.

The fire was fully contained and the small community of Christopher Creek could breathe a little easier, but it never fails that every year around this time the residents of this small community hold their breath and pray that someone won't come up this way and burn the beauty that surrounds us.

And every year, it never fails, someone forgets to put a campfire out, or throws a lit cigarette on the ground and manages to destroy some of the most beautiful scenery around.

Let's hope that in 2008, people think twice before leaving a campsite and respect the beauty the forest has to offer. Let's hope we get enough moisture, so we don't have to worry about a forest fire.

Let's hope 2008 is better than 2007. Let's all try and stop hatred, prejudice, jealousy, and learn to treat each other, as we would like to be treated.

Let's try to spend more time with our children and make an effort to listen to them more.

Let's be kind to someone who isn't kind to us and see what happens. We might be surprised.

Let's all slow down and enjoy life and the beauty God has given us, the forest and all its beauty.

I want to wish Bob and Betty Lusson a happy 58th wedding anniversary.

Can you imagine spending 58 years with the same person? These are two special people that had dedicated many years to the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department, and are there for anyone that needs them.

I cannot count how many times Bob became interim Fire Chief for the community and did a terrific job, along with being fire captain.

Thanks, Bob and Betty, for all you did for this community. I wish you two another happy 58 years together.

Barbara Foreman will be celebrating her birthday on Jan. 8 and we wish her a happy birthday.

Make a wish, Barbara.

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