Antiques Store Gets Face-Lift, New Addition


Cedar Lane Antiques has a new look and a new addition.

Owners Bruce and Barbara Kroeger have given the building that houses their antique store and Payson Welding a face-lift. The 4,000 square-foot building has a new front awning with new posts, a new metal roof, new trim and paint.


"The posts we had before were hardly anything, these are much more substantial," said Barbara.

The project started in June 2007 with architectural drawings and continued for several months, with local subcontractors providing the work.

"We wanted to update the building," said Bruce. "It makes it more aesthetically pleasing and inviting for our customers and the traffic."

The couple tried to keep the business open the entire time they were remodeling. Payson Welding also stayed open, they said.

"It was money and time well-spent," Bruce said.

While Barbara and Bruce are proud about their store's new look, they are more excited by their family's new addition, "Rowdy" who is waiting with "Bandit" to welcome visitors to Cedar Lane Antiques.

There are also new additions to the shop's inventory.

"Our biggest acquisition is a chandelier from the lobby of Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pasadena. It's huge," Barbara said.

Bruce measured the piece and said it was four feet in diameter and five feet long.


The shop also has an Eastlake Pier mirror with marble base and a matching bookcase, plus a Victorian bed and matching dresser.

"It is very unusual to find two matching pieces together. Usually they have been separated over the years, with the dresser going one place and the bed the other," Bruce said.

"Someone wanted to buy the dresser, but they have been together for more than 100 years and I am not about to separate them now," Barbara said.

Another new acquisition is an oak fireplace mantel. The shop also has three curved-glass china cabinets.

"It is not unusual to find a curved-glass piece in an antiques stores, but it is rare to find three of them in one store. I like them, so when I see them, I buy them," Bruce said.

Inventory changes regularly, as the Kroegers make frequent buying trips.

If a customer cannot find what they want, they can put it on the wish list Barbara keeps and she will look for it on her buying trips.

It is not too early to start the hunt for unique Valentine's treasures for loved ones. Cedar Lane Antiques is a good place to begin the search.

The store is at 111 E. Cedar Lane, Payson. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday, Friday and Sunday or by appointments. For more information, call (928) 468-1351 or visit the Web site

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