Doll Baby Ranch Up For Review

Development on county supervisors' agenda


Tuesday, the Gila County Board of Supervisors will see the final plat for the proposed Canyon River Ranch, a development at the site of the Doll Baby Ranch west of Payson.

County Community Development Director Bob Gould said he is anticipating the board will want much more information on the proposal before taking any action.

The development would consist of 116 family residential lots on approximately 159 acres.

"They want the board to approve them as dry lots," Gould said. "They have wells, but with approval of the dry lots, the developers would not have to go through Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. If they have to go through ADEQ, they would have to prove a 100-year water supply and they can't do that."

Gould said the development would also provide its own wastewater treatment through on-site systems because of the size of the lots. Additionally, the developers would be required to improve Doll Baby Ranch Road, which would include paving.

The matter is currently at the top of the supervisors' agenda. The meeting took place today, Tuesday, Jan. 8.

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