Energy Bill A Problem For Taxpayers



What the new energy bill means to you.

It means inflation, leading to a possible recession, loss of jobs, high food cost, high energy cost, high dairy, meat and fowl cost, which is already on the rise and will continue to do so. Don't forget higher taxes.

This may sound like a Gore horror story, except this is not fiction or a hoax, this is real right now, as Gore would say.

The price of corn and soybeans has already doubled and will continue to do so. I am sure you all have felt the effect of this on your food bill. But you ain't seen nothing yet.

One of the aspects of this new energy bill is to increase the production of ethanol six-fold, or 80-20%.

There is simply not enough corn-growing land to even begin such a stupid adventure.

People don't seem to get it, corn and soybeans are worldwide feed stocks, which affects the price of all sorts of commodities. It is plain stupid to use food for fuel when we have abundant oil and gas sources and some of which have not even been tapped, as yet.

Ethanol is costly to produce and has many problems, such as using pipelines and it cannot take long-term storage, as oil and gas can.

Transportation is also a problem plus low mileage per gallon. Our Congress and other officials have an IQ of 20 points below a kindergarten kid when it comes to global warming and our energy problems.

CO2 is a blessing, it is a very minute part of our total atmospheric gases, without it there would be no life. Water vapor is the major green house gas, not CO2.

I've said many, many times if you are told the big lie often and long enough it becomes a fact, which in reality it's the great hoax ever and the horror story created by the new cult leader [illegible] Al Gore with his new bible "An Inconvenient Truth."

Oil and gas are the cheapest way to go by far, until our technology can produce alternatives that are cost equal to those of gas and in abundance and to be as efficient as gas.

There's another factor that you should know. Several years ago, a product called MTBE was the answer! According to the enviro wackos, it was the solution to pollution for many years until it was discovered to be extremely toxic and was pulled off the market recently.

What they have not told you is that 80-20% ethanol can produce smog. If you have been to or lived in such areas as Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno and other California cities, you'll get the big picture. The same clowns that sold you on MTBE are the same ones who are selling you that ethanol is the answer to our energy problems, along with global warming.

We do have some global warming. It's how much of it is caused by us humans?

Man can't begin to compete with Mother Nature and her cyclic moods; along with sun spots and only God knows what else, it's certain that [illegible] Gore doesn't know and he never did know. He belongs to that old party known as "The Know Nothing Party" from past political parties back in 1800s. Maybe he wants to service that old party and run for President on it.

Ed Welge


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